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You Should Have Seen it in Color...

Having your home put in a magazine is a unique experience. One that I am super thankful for, because it felt validating (and bonus spring cleaning was completed early!).

It can also bring a fair amount of stress, trying to get everything spotless in a ranch house with baby toys and crayons and stuffed animals scattered about, mixed with muddy boots, horse bits, goat minerals and whatever else hadn't made it's way up to the barn since returning from the feed store.

But. It was glorious when it was finally done. Surfaces glimmered, clutter disappeared - it felt like a dream - mostly because it kinda was, as 15 min. After the kids got back home things were business as usual with an array of Frozen characters, fire trucks and baby bouncers and bibs - which is also a happy sight.

It was really special to see the house in all its glory - what it's capable of being when we polish and shine. What we know it can be.

So that being said, just because it might look perfectly placed in print, don't be fooled - this is a working household! And, I even set the silverware wrong - oops (imagine my embarrassment). No one is perfect even when perfection is the aim.

I am excitedly awaiting a later preview of the snapshots and due to rain we will have to send in exterior photos separately once we have a good snowcover. I am hopeful that it came across well and the editor is pleased with the selection. It was a pleasure to put on display finery and collections that we love, and capture various antiques within our home that hold so much meaning.

The most important thing is that we had fun with it and enjoyed being part of this unique experience. The photographer was wonderful and drove so far to be here with us! We felt honored.

I am sure when I frame it on the wall, it will become the pinnacle of my "matriarchal legacy" that my children will roll their eyes at throughout their teen years - and I can't wait!

I hope you'll hang in there with me until this time next year when it's released!


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