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The Harpers

Est. 2016

Dirigo Ranch is an operating beef cattle ranch in Berwick, Maine.


Morgan & Rob Harper Sr. met in college and were later married at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds (not during the fair). This major agricultural backdrop was very fitting for the life that the Harpers were going to lead.  


Buying a fixer upper first home, the couple learned a lot about DIY and true grit taking a disaster and flipping it into a masterpiece. While there, they started with a flock of laying hens, which quickly lead to turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, and then a pair of miniature donkeys (who loved to escape & be escorted home by the police, aptly, they are named Bo & Luke - the Hazards of York County).  Quickly outgrowing the space, with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a toddler, and another on the way, they decided that the middle of a Maine snowstorm, days before Christmas, would be the ideal time to move the entire homestead.

The Harpers found their dream home - a log cabin, in the middle of the woods, on numerous acres.  Rancher Rob, the Homestead Husband, could hunt from his own backyard, and Morgan, self-proclaimed Ranch Wife, could live out her cowgirlin' fantasy. 

The Harpers quickly got to work building a pond, barn, paddocks and pasture areas.  The family kept on growing with the addition of horses, sheep, a pony, bunnies, and beef cattle of varying shapes and sizes. 

The Harpers now reside on the ranch with their young daughter Evelyn, son Chip, and beloved memory of their daughter Magnolia who was born an angel.  The Ranch is also home to a pair of ranch hands (Morgan's parents) who live in The Bunkhouse. 

Dirigo is the Maine state motto, meaning "I lead" and is represented with a star on the  Maine state flag. While the Harpers love all things about western-style ranchin' Maine is where they will forever call home. Leading the family with a legacy ranch inspired them to use the motto for the name, and was a longtime vision of Rancher Rob's. 

They didn't have any prior experience when they got started - to learn more about how that turned out, visit our blog!

Some Highlights

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