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Live Birds at the Feed & Seed

Read about our live bird offerings for Spring 2023, below!

Chick Orders are Closed for 2023
Live chicks will be available for purchase in store!
Thank you!

How to place an order:

Come see us at the Feed & Seed at 4 Coffin Lane in Berwick, Maine. We have order forms on hand and can help answer questions about the breed offerings, along with the right feed and equipment you may need for your flock!

What breeds are available?

We like both productive flocks and ones that are simply there to bring ornamental joys. We will be offering a selection of egg layers, meat birds, and ornamental bantams. Please visit the Feed & Seed to see our order form!

We will offer a second round of chicken orders later in the spring for more layers and broilers (along with our turkeys and geese)!

Missed out this round? Looking for traditional broilers or familiar red laying hens? Stay tuned for our second round of orders!