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Horse Ranch

Delivery Policy

Effective: 06/18/2024

Policy is subject to change without notice

Where do we deliver?

Dirigo Ranch Feed & Seed will delivery bulk orders of shavings, hay, and bagged feeds within a 50 mile radius of our store, located at 4 Coffin Lane in Berwick, Maine 03901.

We do not deliver on weekends, and the time of delivery is not guaranteed, but estimates can be provided.   

Delivery day may be rescheduled when there is inclement weather - we prioritize the safety of our drivers. 


Order Minimum

There is no delivery fee for orders that meet a minimum of $300.

For orders under the $300 minimum, there is a $15 fee added. We will ask you if you'd like to add on - otherwise it will be automatically applied.

Due to commodity market volatility, prices are subject to change without notice. 

No pallet fee (free to keep them or return).

Free biscuits for our fuzzy friends we get to see at each of the farms!



For Ordering:

For routine deliveries, orders must be placed using the Feed & Seed Delivery Line (call or text) NO LATER THAN noon (12pm) the day before your expected delivery.  For example, if the delivery is requested for Thursday, you order needs to be placed no later than Wednesday at 12:00pm.  The Feed & Seed Delivery Line is separate from our store phone number - this is to ensure that we have clear communication for these specialty orders (1-207-216-3881)

*If the order is placed AFTER 12pm, then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver.*  It takes a lot of time and effort to organize a delivery route, driving between Maine and New Hampshire. We understand unexpected changes do happen, but in order for us to be as organized and efficient as possible, we need your help with timely orders, please! 

For Delivery:
Delivery route on property must be clear of snow & debris in order for truck and pallet mover to transport your supplies. Access MUST be wide enough for both the truck itself AND the pallet mover to get around. 

You are not required to be present at the time of delivery, but you must have a dedicated drop off location.   If the drop-off location cannot be accessed, the driver reserves the right to leave the delivery in the nearest location accessible.

We will do our best to put things back the way we found them after delivering your supplies (i.e. barn doors, gates, light switches, etc.)


New Accounts

Please call the Feed & Seed to establish a new account.  For new accounts, it may take up to 2 weeks to add you to our delivery schedule and receive your first order as we have to ensure product availability.  We will do everything within our power to get it to you as quickly as possible! Please plan accordingly.  

Orders can be placed by calling the Feed & Seed Delivery Line (1-207-216-3881), but they are not considered scheduled unless a confirmation stating your delivery date is received from Store Manager, Rob Harper.  If you do not have a confirmation, or you are unsure if we have confirmed your order, please contact us.

Routine orders must be placed NO LATER THAN noon (12pm) the day before your expected delivery.  For example, if the delivery is requested for Thursday, you order needs to be placed no later than Wednesday at 12:00pm.  We need time to pick your order, and load it into our delivery truck - we appreciate your consideration of our time. 

Deliveries can consist of any combination of products. Like to feed the birds?  Add a bag of bird seed to your order for shavings!  Have a barn cat?  We can bring you feed for them, too! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Are Customer Expectations?

    • Your selected products will be delivered, undamaged, in the designated spot as long as it is accessible as close to your requested date as possible. Something not right? CALL US! ​ We aim to get it right and keep you and your animals happy! Our goal is always to ensure it is accurate the first time! 

  • How Do I Know My Order Is Received?

    • You will receive a confirmation with your delivery date from Rob Harper, our Store Manager, via text/e-mail/by phone depending on how your order was communicated. ​

  • How Do I Know What Day It Will Be Delivered?

    • Day of delivery will be confirmed when the order is confirmed.​

  • What If I Need To Change My Order?

  • If My Order Is The Same Each Week (Month, etc.), Do I Still Need To Send In My Order?

    • YES! Things can change - even when there is a normal routine. If we don't hear from you, we don't deliver - Plus, we look forward to catching up with you! Keep us updated about your farm ongoings and let us know what you need week-to-week (or month-to-month, etc)! ​

  • Will I Be Charged If I Cancel My Order? 

    • There is a $25 restocking fee if the order is cancelled the day of or day before delivery as orders are generally preloaded in the truck a day in advance. It takes a lot of manual labor to build pallets of grain!​

  • How Can I Pay For My Order?

    • All new delivery customers must provide a card on file. That said, you can pay with cash or a check (and get a discount - 2% off the order if paying with cash or check!) at the time of delivery.  If not paying with cash or check at delivery, credit/debit cards will automatically be run the day of delivery!  ​Cards that decline will be subject to a 10% interest fee beginning 30 days from the day of delivery if still unpaid. We will contact you promptly if there are any issues with a card.  

    • If paying by cash or check, and it is not clearly available or provided to the driver upon delivery, then the card on file will be run in place of the cash or check the day of delivery. 

  • Are There Discounts On Bulk Orders? 

    • YES! $0.25 cents off per bag for delivery of (1) whole pallet (40 bags) of (1) type of feed (does not apply to mixed pallets). You can also receive $0.75 cents off of the same if you pick it up at the store instead of having it delivered! ​

  • What Other Fees Are There?

    • $15.00 fee for deliveries that are under the $300.00 minimum.  This will be added to the invoice total.

    • Overdue invoices - After 30 days, an automatic 10% interest rate will be applied weekly, until the invoice is paid in full. 

    • There is a $25.00 fee for bad (bounced) checks that will be added to the invoice total.

  • What If My Order Is Not Correct?

    • We will do everything we can to make it right! Mistakes can happen - we are all human - but we don't want any animal to go without feed or not receive the right feed to fit its needs! Please let us know quickly what happened and how soon a correction is needed.  We want to make it right! CALL THE FEED & SEED DELIVERY LINE!

Get on the delivery route:

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch.

Let us handle the load!

We know you have a lot to do - managing livestock and large animals is a big job. Allow us to bring your supplies to you directly, saving you time, so you can do more of what you love!

We're here to help.

If you have questions or concerns about your order, contact us:


Kindness matters. We appreciate your respect of our driver(s) and the understanding that we are here to help one another.  

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