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Dirigo Ranch

Country Club


Shop our store frequently? Join the Country Club!

1. Stop by the store and ask to join the Country Club.  

2. Provide us with your email address, and we will give you a Country Club Card. 

3. Show us your Country Club Card at check-out and we'll stamp your card (for in-store shopping only, does not apply to deliveries).

4. For every 20 bags of Poulin Grain products* purchased, you will receive a $5.00 discount on your 20th bag!

*(This offer only applies to Poulin Grain products including bagged Poulin Grain livestock feeds and dog food, Summit cubes and pellets, bird seed, and Green Mountain organic feeds).

Member Bonuses

Get more from your local Feed & Seed store!
By joining the Country Club, we will send you email updates on new products or specials, news from Dirigo Ranch, and information about upcoming events at the Feed & Seed!  We promise to send you quality information, and avoid adding spam to your mail box. 

Send us back photos of your Dirigo Ranch-fed pets and livestock with details about your farm ranch, homestead or pet-related operation.  Each month we will run a feature on our social media pages and through email of a selected Country Club member, highlighting and promoting your operation.  We want your programs to succeed! Let us help you spread the word!

Let's Build the Community

Interact with us!

Share your pet photos for a chance to be featured as a Poulin Pet of the Week!

Share a photo of your pet or livestock with the particular Poulin Grain feed you use.  Tell us what you like about it, and we'll share it!  This helps our community learn more about what feed options are available, and creates recommendations from the folks that know it best - YOU!  

Use Hashtags or tag us in your posts to help us find you

Instagram: @drfeedseed 

Facebook: Dirigo Ranch Feed & Seed





We live out in the country - and we're darn proud of it. 

Joining the DR Country Club means more than just becoming a member - you're becoming part of the DR Family. Your support of the local Feed & Seed keeps our small town, small - which is an awful big achievement in these times. 

We're from the country, and we like it that way!

Country Boots

Stop by the Feed & Seed to sign up!

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