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Roasted for the Ranch

Carpe Diem coffee is roasted right here, in North Berwick, Maine. We teamed up with the Coffee Goddesses to bring to you a coffee blend roasted for the ranch!

fill it up with nothin' but the good stuff

After reviewing & sampling various beans & blends, we selected a medium, aromatic roast.

Our Cowboy Up blend features Kenyan, French Roasted Sumatran, and Costa Rican beans. 

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Put some yee in your haw

Doin' cowboy sh*t ain't easy.  We often get asked how we manage between full-time jobs, ranch life, and raisin' babies - the answer?  A serious motivation to make the most out of life, and copious amounts of coffee.  

If you need a little boost to get the job done, grab a cup, and cowboy up!

In Stores:
Dirigo Ranch Feed & Seed
4 Coffin Ln, Berwick, ME 03901

Hackmatack Farm

538 School St, Berwick, ME 03901

Badwolfe Butcher & Deli
12 Sullivan Street, Unit 101 D
owntown Berwick, Maine

Wanna carry Cowboy Up! in your store? Say Howdy, here.

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