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D☆R Cowboy Up! Coffee

D☆R Cowboy Up! Coffee


Doin' cowboy sh*t ain't easy.


We wake to the sounds of roosters crowing, donkeys braying, and cattle hollerin' for their breakfast.


We stumble down the stairs, make a fresh pot of coffee, throw on our least holey pair of jeans, and head out the door to haul a bale of hay their way.


If you need to get up and get sh*t done, put some yee in your haw with our very own Cowboy Up! coffee blend, roasted locally in North Berwick, Maine. Coffee beans ground or whole bean, roasted in small batches.


Grab a cup and cowboy up!

Currently sold in 8oz. bag portions - larger sizes to come!

  • Cowboy Up! Coffee

    • 8oz bags (1/2 lb.)
    • Roasted Locally
    • Pick the grind that meets your needs

    Our blend is a medium roast, aromatic, and features Kenyan, French Roasted Sumatran, and Costa Rican beans. 

  • Saddle Up & Get it in Your Cup

    We can ship our coffee to you, or you can stop by the ranch to pick it up on our open ranch days!  Stop in at the barn, pick up your order, pet a goat. 

    If you select "local pick up" at check out, you will be notified when your order is ready, and the next pick up date!

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