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Updates to the Homestead

Come along for a tour of our latest log cabin updates!

I have always loved interior design. I am by no means a professional but I enjoy doing it and trying new things. Reimagining a space is fun for me because the ideas and options are endless.

In this season, we are looking for less clutter... in my "minimalist era" (hahaha). I have always liked a lot of "things". Decorative pieces, sentimental items... but it has gotten harder with adding multiple kids toys in the mix and just limited space in the cabin to start with.

Things have been feeling cramped and cluttered and I wanted less to keep up with. SO we redeisgned our overstuffed living room:


There was nothing really awful about it (my opinion) but it was tight and the TV was opposite the fire so we could never watch both. It was also not set up well for guests.

We pulled everything out. I filled the entire dining room table with excess decorations, pillows, etc. We put the TV on the opposite wall, and removed the curtains blocking the back double doors that faced the barn (why did I even have those? No one is back there!!).

We moved the couches, and got rid of the coffee table along with 3 side tables and a set of chairs.

It feels a lot brighter and more airy to me! I am considering removing all of the shades entirely (they are fairly worn out by now and either need to go or be replaced). It created a lot more seating space too, even for losing all of the other furniture! We gained 1 extra arm chair, which makes both kids very happy to have their "own" seat.

We swaped the reptile tank with the actaul bar cabinet under the bar sign, too. Our bearded dragon, Enrique, is happy by the woodstove and seemingly enjoys watching TV!

The cabinet is much more sleek than being behind the couch cutting up the room as before (and Cocoa thinks it is the perfect perch).

The next phase is paint. Our walls get pretty beat up from kids and dogs... we have a bunch of missing paint, scrapes, and rough spots to even out.

The decision is color:

I would like to pull from colors in the stone fireplace, but it needs to compliment the blue island (far left in the below picture):

I will update when the decision has been made!

Thanks for stopping by 👋

Happy Trails,

~The Ranch Wife


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