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Where the Green Grass Grows

The cattle are happier than I thought they ever could be.

We finished the fence on our new grazing pasture and it came out beautiful. We've been slowly hauling the cattle over a few at a time, clearing our cows out at home. It is a little sad to see them go, but we know it is for the best. It's also so close to home it isn't hard to visit them, thankfully! They'll return when our land here at the homestead is cleared out and seeded with new grass.

When they reach the dry grassy hillside, they frolic with joy. It is the sweetest thing to witness, and brought me to tears to tell the truth. I was so happy for them. This is how we want to raise livestock - happy, tranquil, a good life - everything they deserve.

One of our cows, Tonka, our Hereford bull, has been sent to spend a few months at a local farm to do his duty. We are hoping he is a successful herd sire for them! While we were hoping to see calves from him ourselves, earlier in the spring, we think there may be hope for some fall calves in store for us! Three of our cows look an awful lot like they may be carrying! Fingers crossed!!

Cattle are at the heart of what we do here at the ranch, and we are proud to keep learning and improving for them, to raise them as best as possible. We know we can always stand to do better, and will continue to strive to as long as we are at this!

I cannot wait to watch it grow along with our family.


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