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The Bunkhouse - Part 3

The siding is a deep red, matching our barn & keeping the farm feel throughout the property.

Inside, linen colored cabinets have been installed.

The stone counters feature cream, copper, and grey tones that will match beautifully with warm wood flooring. The paint colors will be rustic and cozy, carrying through more of the copper/rust color on a feature wall, charcoal accents, and a neutral beige to tie it all together.

The same warm color scheme is scene in the stained glass front door.

The loft will be getting a special handmade feature as well! These posts were planed by hand, and branded with some fun ranch-style branding irons! They feature the ranch's actual brand, and others including horses, pistols, longhorns and horseshoes. These will be installed with iron brackets and railings.

While this has been ongoing, we have begun to set fence posts in the newly cleared pasture area that can be seen from the many large windows on the face of The Bunkhouse. We are currently on hold waiting for Dig Safe to help us identify our underground utility wires before we finish the driveway side so we can avoid any accidents. Safety is always a priority. They should be around to help us within another week, and then we can continue setting fence posts.

The pasture is already sprouting grass, without having been seeded, and in November which is quite odd for Maine! Hopefully this just speaks to the quality of our composted manure and creates the perfect "black gold" foundation for future grazing! We're hoping to let the horses out onto this new area for winter, to give our back paddock some overdue rest. Come Spring, we'll bring them back out for full time grazing when it comes in fully. Our ranch hands here did a fantastic job spreading the fertilizer and leveling it all out evenly.

While we have been preparing for the future grazing space, we have also been handling our pony, Desco, with added care. He is a senior pony and was diagnosed with Cushings Disease earlier this Fall. The disease makes it a challenge to keep weight on him in his case, but we are happy to share that with some prescribed medicine from our equine vet, and boosting his Poulin Grain intake, we're starting to see him improve. He's been wearing his winter coat a little more than in prior years to keep him warm and he is comfortably stalled each night for ample feeding and resting time. Our daughter ensures he is loved on and brushed!

The front yard of The Bunkhouse will also eventually get a small grazing area in front of the deck, allowing us to grill up dinner, while petting one of the horses or ponies all at the same time. We feel beyond blessed. More updates on The Bunkhouse interior coming soon! We can't wait to share a grand tour with you! Happy Trails!



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