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The Bunkhouse - Part 4

It is finally finished.

The Bunkhouse at Dirigo Ranch is complete. The finishing touches are ongoing but the space is heated, there is light and running water - it is livable!

The floors and counters are cohesive throughout, featuring a sand colored granite with a lot of character in it:

We love the linen colored cabinets giving a lighter feel to the kitchen.

The colors throughout the rest of the home are bold, rustic, and warm, with a rust colored feature wall highlighting the big windows and birch log fireplace. The fireplace will also be receiving tile around it, and a live-edge wood mantel.

The sink will feature brushed gold fixtures - cabinet hardware is to come, and will likely match the matte black door hardware for the interior doors. In addition, two barn doors have been installed on the coat and master walk-in closet, along with built-in shelving!

In our last post (Part 3) we shared about branding railing posts for the loft - those can be seen installed here, with the hand-stained beams:

And of course, an antler chandelier to boot!

Ironically, 3 years ago today, the Homestead Husband and I had just moved into the lodge/cabin here at the ranch (my how time flies), and were just beginning to unpack our selves. Today we await the CO approval and the movers to bring in the remaining large appliances and furniture. We look forward to celebrating this long awaited place of rest and comfort on Christmas Eve - even if it is surrounded in boxes. My parents, now permanent ranch hands, have worked their tails off pulling this all together alongside their builder. We are all excited to have them get settled and comfortable in their new home.

It is somewhat of a wild period for us all right now - between preparing for the Feed Store and Christmas and having two little ones home sick - we'd love to be of more assistance at The Bunkhouse right now, but we are all in the process of juggling. I believe that we are all working toward the same goal, and we are all putting in effort that will pay off for years to come.

Stay tuned for a grand reveal of the styled interior! The fun part of decorating is coming!

Happy Trails,

The Ranch Wife



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