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The Bunkhouse

Nothin' stays still here for very long...

It sort of seems like each year is marked with a project(s) of great significance. This chapter, we think is called, "Bettering".

We did a lot of Building (barn, pond, etc.), then last year a ton of Maintaining (staining the log cabin fixing issues in the yard and landscaping), and now we are starting to see where things can be improved upon.

As a result, we're increasing paddocks and pastures, setting standards for ourselves, getting rid of what we don't need, and cleaning up messes we've made.

All of this, to build a better future for our family.

It's no secret that we're hugeeeee Yellowstone (TV) fans. Basically been trying to emulate the whole thing in our backyard (ha!).

So, that leads us to the bettering project of: The Bunkhouse!

My folks are selling their house. This house was kept so well and has been home to so many fun memories. It's where we landed as a family when I moved to Maine and it's hard to see it go but, thankfully what is on the horizon makes it ok to close that chapter and move forward.

We have a fair amount of land, so we are working together to build an accessory dwelling on the property that will become a retirement home for my parents (...and someday for the Homestead Husband and myself...). I have been jokingly calling my mother "Teeter" (if you watch Yellowstone, you know) which I'm not sure she is thrilled about (love yah, mom!).

This time we're bringing the building pros in to get er' done (safe to say we have enough hands on work to do), but we are excited to watch it go from paper to reality and jump in for portions of the finish work. The exciting part for me, is to get to participate in picking finishes for the home that go along with our cabin and outbuildings that are already here. I love me some rustic home design.

Having my folks on the grounds will help tremendously with the growing ranch and grandkids - it will give everyone the opportunity to have help when they need it, and keep making memories as a family.

Interested in watching it go from the ground up?

If you like home design with rustic flair, stay tuned on Instagram @dirigoranchwife or YouTube at Cattle & Coffee!


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