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DIY Spray Cleaner

Two-for-one deals are my favorite, especially when it means one less thing I have to buy from a store.

Using what is already in your pantry, you can make your own spray cleaner, that leaves behind zero streaks, with very little effort whatsoever. This DIY recipe is the "set it and forget it" kind.

I have come to really dislike waste. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies in our household, in particular, clementines.

The livestock won't usually touch citrus fruits or their skins, so we end up tossing them. Not the end of the world by any means, but it turns out they can be utilized at least once more before the final toss!

In a mason jar, toss your peels in and fill it with white vinegar. Then, let it sit for two weeks.

That's it. I'm serious.

Many people these days are choosing to clean with white vinegar instead of potentially harmful spray cleaners with unfamiliar chemicals. I can totally get behind that, but I CANNOT stand the smell of vinegar. By soaking the peels in the vinegar, it takes on a more pleasant scent that masks the harsh tones of pure vinegar.


There are many variations that can be done with this. I added sprigs of rosemary to my clementine soak. I also just started one with lemons and lavender leaves. Another option that may be a little stronger, would be adding in a few drops of essential oils.

I picked up a nifty glass spray bottle at my local craft store for $5.00 to store the solution in. Even the skeptical Homestead Husband was shocked at how sparkly the stove top was after using this - not a single streak! No splotches left behind! Better than any of the other counter top cleaners I had been using - and I was able to make it with things I already had. I was able to use something already we already purchased, without having to buy a second item entirely.

Have a different combination you've tried? Let us know!


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