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Two of a Kind

We have been working hard on creating a facility at our ranch that provides us the ability to work with our horses so they are well cared for and well trained.

With help, we installed a round pen that is used for lessons, groundwork, and working on horsemanship skills.

The round pen will need some fill, known as footing, to cover the rocky bottom. It's acceptable for light use currently, but we plan to add some sand to keep the horses hooves comfortable when we work with them.

Our panels are from Tarter USA found at our local Tractor Supply!


Now, for the big news...

Over the next few months, we will be working on a little bit of a project horse, Austin.

Rescued from a rough situation in New Hampshire, Austin is a red dun quarter horse gelding. He needs to brush the dust off and get some ground work in, but seems to have some prior experience in the past 15 or so years.

While I am nearing 30 weeks pregnant, and not riding horseback, this is the perfect opportunity to work with a horse without a lot of riding.

Austin is a real sweetheart, and responds well to cues. We are thrilled to have him become part of our herd, and family.

I am personally so excited to go riding side by side with my Homestead Husband in the fall, on our matching western quarter horses! We've been dreaming of these days for some time, and we believe we landed on a perfect pair, suited for each of us.

Follow along on Facebook (Dirigo Ranch) or on Instagram @dirigoranchwife to watch Austin's homecoming and life on the ranch.

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