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We Do Things a Little Different Round Here

Evenings at the ranch look a lot like the above...

Dinner or snacks served on the tailgate, watching horses run around and feeding out livestock.

Our kids are used to eating late dinners (7-8pm) because we're too busy taking in every ounce of daylight, to stop to go inside to cook and dine.

While this kind of routine may not be for everyone, I'm glad to keep our kids involved. A lot of good questions get asked and memories are made being together.

My favorite warm season memories include last minute ordering pizza and eating it on the porch because we were having too much fun letting the our daughter ride bareback and we all smell too much like the barn to eat at the main table.

Eating smores and watching fireflies to the tune of tractor work in the background when there's still work to do even though the sun has set.

Running full speed outside to the porch in the dark when we hear the first peepers arrive after the long awaited winter melt at the pond.

It's not really a wonder we run late to so many things because boy do these long days wear on you, but I really wouldn't trade those extra minutes...

I hope that our kids grow up appreciating the beauty of quiet moments, and a respect for the world around us, and a strong understanding of what working for your dreams looks like.

While our life is a little different than the norm - it's what we love. These kids are only "ours" for a few short years - I hope we give them a lifetime's worth of memories during that time, and I hope they'll stick around forever after. I hope they find something in all this that they love just as much.

If your kids would enjoy spending time learning more about ranch life and the great outdoors of Maine, please hop on over to our 4H Page to let us know you're interested in joining our new club! Sign up for our e-mail list and we'll let you know when things get started!


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