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How to Be a Cowboy

Being a cowboy is more than just a hat and boots.

But, I don't mean that it requires cattle and horses either.

(Though I do love them)

While those may be some of the recognizable qualities of the cowboy way, identifying as one, is something that happens in the unseen. It's how you carry yourself - how you go through life whether you are in front of others, or on your own.

Cowboy is a state of mind.

When things are hard, a cowboy (or girl) doesn't back down from the challenge of the day. And whether it be family matters or livestock herding, there's usually a daily crisis - I am sure we can all relate.

A cowboy shows up. Prepared to make it happen (whatever *it* is). A cowboy will lean in, let the golden rule be the guide, and stay humble. Grateful for what you have, and willing to put in the time for what you want.

There's probably a bit of cowboy somewhere in us all.

We've fallen in love with the American Cowboy way of life - everything from it's rural roots, to the flashy rodeo cowboys that ride broncs and bulls. Each of those sporting events, originating from the real life activities that would happen back at the ranch. Back where cattle are being raised to put food on the family table, and that of their neighbors. Where fibers are being spun, and fresh bacon is being cured. Where families are bonded together through harvest seasons, and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand.

It's a romantic concept - but it's also part of roots of America. It's our history and something we believe, we should all get back in touch with.

Carrying on the tradition is important to us - and the identity we clung to, when our life was hard. When we faced tragedy after tragedy for a couple years in our personal life, we had to find a way to march on. In the words of Johnny Cash, " life is rough, so you gotta be tough". It was words like this, from country icons like that, which got us through. Being cowboy has given us the tools to carry on and has taught us not to wish for an easy life, but one that we are blessed with the will to keep up with.

It's no secret we've always loved things on the country-side of life. The great outdoors, gardening, caring for animals, from scratch cooking, DIY, homesteading, horsemanship, hunting and fishing, country music, and line dancing - hell, we got married at one of the most popular agricultural fair grounds!

You don't have to rope and ride to feel cowgirl spirit in your soul. It's always been there - it always was for us! We're here to encourage you to grab life by the [long]horns and giddy up.

We hope you'll embrace it. Grab a bag of our Cowboy Up! coffee blend and start your day inspired! You don't know what you're capable of, until you try - and cowboys give it all they've got.

From our ranch-raised beef, to our cowboy coffee blend, and many other upcoming collaborations, we're bringing you everything we can think of, for the cowboy in all of us!

There is so much yee-haw coming your way!

Don't be afraid to say howdy - you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for "Cattle & Coffee"!

Happy Trails,

The Harpers


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