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Standing Outside the Fire

In the midst of job changes and holidays approaching, the Homestead Husband found himself with just enough time to finalize clearing the new pasture area & set up fencing.

We recently were presented with an opportunity to obtain our first set of beef cattle.

It feels a little crazy just to type it as we have been working toward this moment in time for a while. One of those "realizations that what you have now is what you once wished for" moments.

Though, I gotta say, it took a lot more than just wishin' on stars to make it happen (but I'm sure it helped).

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on this whole cow venture. It's not exactly what I knew I always wanted to do. There was once even a period of time where Rob mentioned cows and I was completely against the idea (imagine!) - but that was so long ago now...

I recall sharing this hidden desire with our realtor the first time we were house shopping. Of course, a home with enough land for this purpose was totally out of reach then. And I was utter-ly (ha, bovine humor) embarrassed to admit what we wanted to do. We had zero experience, zero background, but every ounce of drive and desire.

It's funny how time passes when you're dedicated to something so deeply. It felt like FOREVER to get here, and then suddenly it's all happening fast - like so many things in life.

It isn't so much about having fuzzy cows on the ranch (bonus) that's the driving force... while we are avid animal lovers, the idea of homegrown, homemade, tradition, and sharing with those around us makes us really happy. Doing that though a big marbled steak makes us even happier - dreams are weird. 🥩

Food brings people together and keeping big families close was instilled in me at an early age - my family is huge - but it never stopped us from cramming into one household for a big meal. I know my husband's childhood was very similar and we want to provide that to our children, too.

Looking at where we are now, I feel a little more natural wearing these cowgirl boots and more self-assured sharing what our heart of hearts is beating for.

As we wrap up the cleanup of the pasture, after brush hogging, cutting trees and burning brush, we're feeling really alive in this moment. In the words of Garth Brooks - "life is not tried, it is merely survived, if you're standing outside the fire" - so here's to jumping right in to what you feel passionate about.

Keep watch for the homecoming post on the cattle!

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