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Reserve Your Cattle Share

Our cattle have settled in nicely and have been exploring their feedlot. We are enjoying seeing them out the windows, and from the front porch. They are quickly warming up to the Homestead Husband, who has been busy obtaining a new shelter for them, ahead of the colder weather incoming.

We've been working on the next phase of this venture which includes a lot of studying and administrative efforts. We've been in touch with the Maine Food Inspection specialists, and Maine Cooperative Extension to ensure that we're set up for success with getting our cattle out to the local market.

We're happy to announce that our beef shares can now be reserved on our website!

Our goal is to serve our cattle, until they serve us.

We believe in giving our livestock a natural lifestyle, in the peaceful woodlands surrounding our ranch. We provide nutrient dense feed for our cattle from hay, to local spent grains, and natural forage, and we have ensured our water has been tested and well rated.

When raising livestock for consumption, we know that the right way, is the only way. We are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified, and believe in practicing the best animal husbandry we can.

What's included in a quarter share?

When your share is returned from the butcher, you will receive a quarter of each of the available cuts from the total (this may include ground beef, brisket, various steaks, roasts, etc.). All meat will be pre-packaged and USDA certified.

A quarter share of beef requires approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space (about twice your average freezer attached to the fridge). This equates to approximately 100 lbs (boxed weight) of meat, and will feed two adults for up to one year (these values are subject to beef consumption levels and variable weight of the cattle - normally between 1,200 and 1,800 lbs live).


The cost per share to reserve, is $250.00 - this will be added to the total invoice at the end, when the remainder is due. The remaining cost is $5.50 per lb. (hanging weight), and includes the butcher fees.


While the price per pound is higher than what you'd typically pay at the grocery store for ground beef, it is a much better deal for a selection of choice steaks and roasts.

In addition to knowing where your food came from, and how it was cared for, there's also a lowered environmental impact as it isn't being shipped all over the country from processing, to your plate.

We are hopeful that you'll consider reserving a share with us & that you enjoy the final product, while following along with us until that time comes.

Have questions about shares? Drop us a message here.

Wanna watch the cattle grow up? Check us out on Facebook (click!) or Instagram @dirigoranchwife



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