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Heating Up!

We can't stop it from coming - colder weather is on the way. We were cheated out of much of a summer, with all of the rain we had. We're bracing ourselves with rumors of hard and heavy snowfall to round out the year. To make it bearable, we'll be keeping things toasty and warm in the cabin and de-iced as possible for the farm!

Did you know we offer heating supplies?

We LOVE these X BLOX bio-bricks - they are a wonderfully easy way to start the fire in our woodstove, and they can keep it burning overnight without having to get up and stoke it.

Another great fire starter, is fatwood. We offer bundles of fatwood, allowing you to skip cutting up the kindling!

Have a wood pellet burning stove? We have Crabbe pellets! These are also wonderful for animal bedding in stalls, or can be used for cat litter! Multi-use at an affordable price!

Don't let the pets go without! We have a variety of styles of rubber heated buckets and tank de-icers, as well as pet bowls!

Of course, you don't want chilly hands when working in freezing temps. Stay warm with hand warmers and a solid pair of work gloves.

From barns to coops, we have what you need to keep your animals watered all winter long!

Don't forget the driveway and front steps either - Rancher Rob took a nice tumble down our front steps a year ago, and landed him in the hospital on New Year's Day. He was lucky he didn't hit his head any harder than he did! You can't be too careful when it comes to slips, trips, and falls. Use our paw-safe de-icer for your walk ways!

We also have driveway markers, snow shovels and cozy dog beds in stock! Don't forget to add a bag of our very own Dirigo Ranch Cowboy Up! coffee to really get your day going and warm you from the inside, out! Pair it with your favorite Feed & Seed sweatshirt of course!

We hope you'll stay warm this winter! Please let us know if there is any product you need for your farm, ranch, pet, or homestead.

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