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At the Feed & Seed... Valentine's Gift Guide!

Have a special farm-her in your life? Maybe you're a cowboy's sweetheart?

Valentine's Day is on the way and we have a selection of gift worthy options for every homesteader, farmer, pet owner, or rancher - many of which are even appropriately colored in reds, pinks, and purples.

For your hunny-bunny, pick up some Uber confetti colored small pet bedding - great for rabbits, guinea pigs or any small pet.

We also carry pink and red vet wrap, feed scoops, and hay nets (purple, too)! Add in a bag of raspberry leaf Mare Magic for added stress relief in the barn.

Winter in Maine brings dry skin, especially if you've handled grain bags or bales of hay. We carry a soothing peppermint scrub that is sure to help!

Pair the scrub with any of our Joy Lane Farm or Sweet Grass Farm home and body care products! Many scents available, all natural products, made just over the boarder from us in New Hampshire!

For you Val-HEN-tine, pick up some mealworms as a special treat for the flock. We now carry a blend that includes dried herbs for a little coop refresh. We also offer chicken feeders and waterers with various base colors (pink/red).

You can't go wrong with a berry-blend Billy Block for the goat lover in your life, or a bag of Manna-Pro licorice flavored goat and sheep treats - a good source of crude proteins.

Love birds? We have a selection of farmhouse-trendy bird feeders, along with suet, and premium bird seed mixtures from Poulin Grain! A customer favorite, is our Black Oil Sunflower seeds in a 40 lb. bag.

Don't forget the dog lover in your life! Fluffy toys and high quality dog treats and feeds can be found here. Hank and Waylon, our shop dogs, are big fans of the Kong brand frisbees, and RedBarn brand peanut butter filled dog bones!

Pair with a bag of cookies, or a new color matched Lupine dog lead, guaranteed for life, even if chewed!

Can't forget the cats! For the cat-person in your life, we offer many bags of premium cat feeds like our selection from Taste of the Wild, and treats, along with refillable cat-nip toys, Furminator brushes, and a deluxe litter scooper (trust me, they will thank you).

Equestrians will adore these handmade stirrup candle holders! These are made locally by the Penniless Pony. We have them in black, silver, bronze, and a copper/rose gold color. Each come with a battery operated candle!

If you're looking for an extra special sparkle, look at our handmade brow band also from the Penniless Pony - featuring burgundy colored pearlescent beads, pearls, and rhinestones on a leather band - what more could a horse girl ask for?

We also carry pink halters, and red Duraforks for keeping those stalls clean. Really want to impress your significant other? Get to the muck work before they do!

While we know Valentine's Day can often be seen as a "Hallmark Holiday", but you can't tell us it ever hurt anyone, to share a few words of appreciation and adoration. Using the holiday as an added excuse to make someone feel special? Nothing wrong with that!

Pair these horse products with a bag of grain or a new Himalayan salt block for your Neigh - I mean, Bae!

Say it like you mean it (no really - this card pretty much sums it up!) with one of our cards from Southern Fried Design Barn out of Nashville, TN! This is where we honeymooned, many moons ago... These designs were made and printed right in Music City.

Shopping for your animal-loving valentine can be fun as well as practical.

We hope you'll come visit us and find something special, for your someone special - whether they are human, feathered, or fur covered! Have fun with it!



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