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Garden of Eatin' : Phase 2

The garden beds were topped with some rich loam, and we planted an assortment of vegetables, fruits, and herbs!


Pumpkins, squash, beans, peppers, cantaloupe, strawberries, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, cabbage, flowers, chamomile, basil, rosemary, sage, corn, thyme, cucumbers.

All of these are closely planted near our apple and pear mini orchard, blackberry bushes, and red wine grapes. Further down the property, we have blueberries that we hope to move to the edges of the pond. This will help with maintaining the pond edge from eroding as well.

I am bursting with enthusiasm as I hungrily await picking food from our own yard.

We are prepared for pressing fruit this year, with a new fruit press! Good for apple and pear cider, and squeezing grapes during the fall harvest season.


We ended up selecting a number of vine- type plants for the garden, so it will require us to build some trellises to support vertical growth in the limited bed space.

Vines tend to grow quickly and spread vastly, and can cling and choke out other plants. We wanted to ensure everything received enough space and sunlight to grow.

We also fenced in the garden with weld-wire and t-posts to keep the free-range flock from using it as a salad bar. We're happy to share scraps but we want to make sure the plants have a healthy start!


I added a little 'al fresco' dining area to the garden, having daydreamed of European style outdoor dinners, with fresh ingredients, and a few feathered friends.

The next installment will include a little overhang area for a potting bench and garden tools, a garden gate, and a cattle-panel trellis!

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