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Full Plates

We revel in long-standing traditions from holiday cliches, to secret recipes, and tried and true tricks for doing something just right. We believe that more often than not, the best way to do something, is to do it yourself.

It could be said that our passion for antiques, family heirlooms, and doing things sometimes the harder way, is truly a passion for nostalgia; a passion for honest work and honest reward - for quality.

Our grandparents, and generations before us, posessed skills that our culture does not always make time for today. Skills like wood-working, jamming, gardening, or art. These skills that bring peace to our souls, and fulfillment to our minds are something to relish in. These skills took time to learn, dedication, and commitment - all of which, are values that could be more commonly saught after in various aspects of life.

We're thankful that there have been people in our lives who so strongly embodied these virtues. We're grateful for their willingness to share and to teach. It is because of them that we have such a strongly knit family, have shared so many hearty meals (and the know-how to make them), and will always be there to support one another. It is because of them that we feel the urge to look back to our roots, carry on with traditions, and provide the best quality of life for our family as we can.

Here's to those who came before us - because of you, we will always have full plates and warm hearts.


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