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Badwolfe Butcher & Deli

We're happy to announce the opening of Berwick's newest business, the Badwolfe Butcher & Deli!

We are so excited for this deli to join our downtown. The downtown area is being totally revamped, and they are one of the first new businesses to make their mark on the new and improved Berwick.

The store carries all of the staples and a beautiful selection of local meats, produce, and a routinely updated selection of freshly made sandwiches. They offer a seating area inside, and it's also only a quick walk to the local brewery (Corner Point Brewing Company) where we pick up grains for our cattle (and a few beers). Pretty good gig to grab a sandwich and a local brew!

We're doubly excited to share that our Dirigo Ranch Coffee blend, Cowboy Up! will also be featured at the Badwolfe Butcher & Deli! Stop in to grab a bag of our favorite locally roasted beans. A smooth, slightly sweet, aromatic blend of coffee - we love it hot or iced, and can't imagine starting a long day at the ranch without it!

In the future, we are planning to bring in our beef to the deli as well. We're hoping to have it available early next spring/summer (2023). This will allow customers to sample our beef with individual cuts, instead of whole cattle shares. We're proud to be working toward a way to help feed our community and keep things local in Berwick!

Stay tuned for future announcements on beef at the Badwolfe! Stop by and check them out in the heart of downtown Berwick!

Or, visit them online:

Take a tour with Berwick Community Media, here:

Thanks for supporting local business! Happy Trails!

-The Ranch Wife


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