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The Quack Shack

We're a little quackers around these parts, but we try to keep things looking nice when possible.

Here's how our pond-dwellers are living these days....

ABOVE: The Quack Shack

We repurposed an unused dog house, and added some lattice to match our own front porch. Naturally, bistro lights (solar powered) and an American flag were necessities.

We often go outside, and find the geese, ducks, or turkeys all piled up on the porch, overlooking the pond. Reminds us of a scene right out of a southern bayou.

Come the colder months, the Quack Shack will be receiving an addition, in order to provide warm shelter for the larger geese & the turkeys who are being kept, once the pond freezer over.

We opted to build a fence around the pond for the safety of the birds, as well as for our homestead honey (and future babes) who is still learning about water.

We used raw, rough-cut lumber from North Berwick Lumber, right up the road. I have considered painting it white, but for now, I sort of like the rustic look. If it becomes too weathered looking, I've got a bucket of white paint handy.

The inside of the fence is lined with chicken wire, to keep the birds in & preditors out.

Remember how I said the wire was to keep the birds in? Yeah.

Scratch that.

Our birds have decided that they are now free-range. They began hopping the fence and bellying up to the railings at night to perch and sleep. They have been very good about returning to their home, so it is fine by us. They have no real reason to roam far - a yard full of bugs, a big pond to float in, and shelter and feed at their disposal.... They're happy fowl.


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