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The New Frontier

We are well aware that we bring our own brand of crazy to the table.

📷: Beaux & Arrows Photography, ME

So, it should be no surprise when I tell you that in the midst of wrapping up our summer camping, working full time jobs, tending to our farm, raising our 1.5 year old, and finding out that we are expecting our second child.... we've also decided to unexpectedly move our Homestead operation!

📷: Beaux & Arrows Photography, ME

We were not prepared for this to happen now, but like many good opportunities in life, when presented, sometimes you just have to jump and not think twice.

When we saw our dream property hit the market, the stars had to just about align for this to work out the way it did. We are beyond, beyond grateful, thankful, and excited to be looking our dreams square in the eye, saying "we're coming for yah!".

📷: Beaux & Arrows Photography, ME

Sadly for me, it's been a few months of total hiatus from contributing here... This is an outlet I thoroughly enjoy (and hope you do as well). Building a farm from scratch has been no joke, especially with all that we balance in our lives to begin with. Sometimes that means give and take, and patience with what you can (and can't) accomplish at a given time, and that's okay.

When you want something bad enough though, and it consumes your daydreams, night dreams, and private conversations... We just had to say "yes" to ourselves. Yes to building something we think is meaningful. Yes to doing it no matter what anyone else might think. Yes to being cowboys. Yes to living the life we dream about because you only get one opportunity to do so - why waste it doing anything else?

While dreamy for sure, it does comes at a cost. It's a laborious process getting bank approvals, and inspections, and listings, and everything coordinated! Nevermind packing up our ever so loved first home... We put so much of our soul into the place, redoing every inch, with so much help, sweat, and at times, tears (joyous and frustrated ones). It served us so well, and we so hope that it provides wonderful memories for the family to come. We couldn't be more grateful to those that willingly offered to help get it to where it is today - without you, none of this would be possible.

Where we are headed, we'll finally be home; dig our roots in deep, kick off the boots and stay awhile, home.

A long winding driveway, leading to a traditional Maine log cabin, complete with a front porch, cozy fieldstone fireplace... and all the extra amenities a cowgirl could hope for (swoon). Plenty of room for all our critters (current and future...) to roam. Plenty of woods for our children to explore and make believe in.

📷: Beaux & Arrows Photography, ME

The Martha Stewart/Pioneer Woman in me is giddy to get started making the place our own, and modeling it after some bigger western rustic ranches we admire. Once the boxes have all been put away, we'll do a little reveal for those of our interested readers.

📷: A. Rogers Post up here for our next article on How to Move a Homestead (5 days before Christmas, covered in snow, with below 30 temps no less)!

Sincerely Excited,

The Homestead Husband & Me

📷: Kate Michaud Photography, ME


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