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Small Business Saturday

It's kinda neat to participate in this day on the other side of it - I have shopped plenty of small businesses in the past, but now, we are one.

We are so grateful for our family of customers who supports our store, and our family. It is true - your patronage makes a difference in our lives. It is the ability to give both our children dance lessons, ensure they have the clothes they need every changing season, allows us to continue raising cattle and bringing beef to the community, and handle all the things life throws at us. A year ago, we would not have been able to handle things that came up for us this year (like two totaled trucks within 6 months of each other, for example), but because of your decision to shop with us, instead of a box store or online, we are able to manage.

Whether you have purchased a share of Dirigo Ranch Beef or Cowboy Up! Coffee in support of the ranch, or grain and shavings in support of the Feed & Seed, it all matters. Not only just for the sake of income - but for the sake of the vision.

We put in many hours of tireless work to make it all happen. From sun up to sun down, balancing kids, jobs, feeding, repairing, running, cooking, cleaning, and figuring out all of the logistics. All of you, keep us going. You keep the dream alive for us and give us something to keep going for.

Our love of agriculture and the agriculture community continues to grow because of the people we have met and relationships made this year. We have learned, and continue to learn, so much from running the Feed & Seed alongside the ranch. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to follow our hearts, creating a place for our children to learn the meaning of hard work, a love of animals and nature, and what success can bring. We have no shortage of things to be thankful for this year.

To show our thanks, if you shop with us at the Feed & Seed this Saturday, 11/25/2023, you will receive $1.00 off Poulin Grain products. We would love to see you. Don't forget, we have a great selection of locally made gifts, and fun holiday toys and treats for pets!

We also have a new neighbor in the building - Humble Bee Flowers! This local florist has an exquisite eye for floral design - bring some beauty into your home this weekend, from her new shop in the same building as us!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this life possible. We'll keep doing our best and trying hard for you! Support local, support small businesses this Saturday!!



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