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Barn Building Series: Saddle Up

We obtained the building permit for our barn.

While this is just one step in a long line of phases to completion, it is a big one. It means our plan is sound, we have people backing us, and we followed through on the right steps.

We have to keep the permit displayed in our front window of our home until the project is complete - a small trophy reminder for our progress.

Here's what we decided to go with:

A Hansen Builders Pole Barn, 24x24, with 2 roll-up doors, a side porch, and cupola for a traditional touch.

Original Draft Image:

Getting to this design required us to go back and forth with the company numerous times. We looked at options from various companies, but ultimately Hansen had the best value for our dollar.

We opted to go slightly smaller than our original thoughts. Firstly, because of the added costs of fencing, utilities, and excavation (and tack, fixtures, etc.). We also know that unexpected costs always arise when doing large scale projects.

Secondly, because our belief is that animals on our farm should have the most natural living experience possible. We don't plan to stall our livestock overnight, unless injury or otherwise requires it. Instead, the barn will feature a run-in shelter that they can utilize as they please. There will still be plenty of space for housing should weather be truly inclement or frigid.

We spoke at length with many other farmers across America (thank you, Facebook) who had recently built barns, and provided us with advice. Though many of them suggested larger structures, we won't be utilizing our space for hay storage so, this plan suits our needs. The structure also provides us with the option to add-on later, should we choose. If we had gone larger from the get-go, we would have lost out on some functionality and making the space as nice as we wish it to be for the animals, and ourselves.

The next steps in our process include clearing land, and placing our order. The pole barn kit, which arrives with all materials and an engineered plan to raise it, can take up to 2 months to put together and be delivered (then the building begins). It is our hope to have it in place by July of this year.

Wish us luck!


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