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Putting Our Eggs in a Basket...

And delivering them to the local bakery!

ABOVE: Kate Michaud Photography, Paris, ME.

Harper Homestead eggs will now be featured in various baked goods and breakfast sandwiches at Forty-Five Market Street Bakery & Cafe, in Somersworth, NH.

Just a hop over the border from where we are in Maine. Employers of some of our long-time friends, the bake shop curates local suppliers for their coffee, sandwiches and oven-fresh goodies including breads, pies, muffins, cookies, and more. The owners can be found at local farmer's markets with their provisions, and they offer catering as well! We are very proud to have our eggs featured in their dishes, and to be considered part of their collection of quality local farms.

With the abundance of eggs (over a dozen a day) we are at a point now where we're ready to try to make our eggs profitable. Homesteading can, at times, prove to be a good little side-hustle. Although it may take some time to truly re-coop (ha - chicken humor) some of our costs, in the meantime, it may help to offset them at least. The money raised from our egg sales, or from the feather products on our General Store page, all will go back into feed, treats, and items needed for the flock.

Plus - the more clients we have in need of eggs, the more chickens may be required!

(kidding - kind of... we're gunna need a bigger coop...)

Now to get crackin' (more egg humor - I'm on a roll today) on washing and prepping those eggs...



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