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Log Cabin Living: Restoration Part 2

Our goal had been to spend Memorial Day weekend completing our staining project, but sadly, with so much rain, we didn't quite get there.

Thankfully, we have a beautiful weekend in sight, a boom lift lined up, and motivation to get it done!

We picked away at a few areas that we could, inclding railings, and the backside of the house, as well as the addition and covered porch on evenings and when there were weather breaks.

The stain, Permachink's Ultra-7 cedar, adds a significant amount of color. It's dark at first, and lightens a bit as it dries.

It will be topped with a finishing sealant coat, in a gloss so everything sould really shine when it's complete.

We are looking forward to staining the front stairs and end of the house which features the fieldstone chimney - the contrasting colors should begin to pop and really make a beautiful visual when all is said and done.

Tools we are using that really help the process include an airless paint sprayer, quality water-based stain back brush, and a drill powered paint mixer for the XL buckets of stain.

It's important to keep the stain mixture refreshed every 20 minutes or so, and to keep the stain out of direct sunlight.

We also purchased large rolls of plastic sheeting to cover windows, doors, and trim (applied with painters tape). This helped significantly but we do foresee the need for some white trim paint touch ups (not too big a deal for a couple of DIYer newbies!).

Come on back for the before and after updates! Or, follow along with progress on Instagram @dirigoranchwife.


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