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Homestead Reveal

Styling our log home has been a fun job, and a total change of pace from our last more modern farmhouse renovation project.

Going from lots of white and cool, neutral colors to being surrounded by warm wood and rich tones is a bit of a decor shock, however it has proven to be a fun, comfortable change of scenery.

One of the hardest transitions was learning to let the wood speak for itself. On my previous sheet-rock walls, I was able to add a lot of character with artwork and accent colors. Here, the walls provide their own knotty patterns and natural colors, so it was important to be very confident about our design choices, and not over do-it with wall hangings - the timber is beautiful by itself. This lesson in mild minimalism has been good for me, especially given the traditionally loud patterns in western rustic decor - less is more - but we always include things that speak to us.

We were inspired by many western style log homes that well mixed farmhouse and log cabin living into one seamless look.

I invite you to look through our mini gallery home tour here:



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