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Fancy Feathers

Whenever I walk out to the coop or the pond, there is an abundance of feathers floating around the yard due to the birds exploring and snacking in the grass. I started to collect them one day, as they are rather pretty. Unique colors and patterns, all designed by nature. Not artificially manufactured in some factory somewhere. I didn't really have a plan for them at the time, but the longer I stared at that bag, the more creative ideas began to fill this lil' ol' brain of mine....

One of the major homesteading "rules of engagement", is using the natural resources available to you, and avoiding waste. With that in mind, I decided that it was time to put those beautifully colored feathers to use, in a way that would display their unique and stunning shades and designs...

*drum roll please*

May I introduce to you, Fancy Feathers - a collection of adornments that captures your affection for barnyard birds.

You can purchase these in our General Store page. They are listed by the specific bird or breed the feathers were created by.

The feathers have been cleaned, and hand selected pairs were used to create delicate and thoughtfully inspired earring sets and other jewelry. Each of your purchases supports our homestead, and funds will go back to the chickens who worked so hard at growing these fancy feathers! Your purchase will support their feed needs, and special treats for the flock.

Special requests may be taken, by sending us an e-mail or using our messanger on the desktop website. Contact us, here (click!).



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