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Famous in a Small Town

The town of Berwick, Maine is on the boarder of New Hampshire. We are fairly rural, but not far from the shores of Maine's beautiful ocean landscape, or the bustling cities of Portland and Boston.

Nestled amongst the woods, Berwick is home to many agricultural establishments from horse stables, to dairy farms, organic vegetable farms and co-ops, farm stands, greenhouses, locally produced meats (and then some). It's a unique place to live, and we are glad we planted our own roots right here.

We recently worked with a new Town of Berwick Photographer and Social Media Manager to capture some special photos of our ranch and the critters dwelling here, in support of their new campaign, "Farm Animal Friday"!

The campaign will showcase the many farms in town and their unique residents. This is a great way to share about what is going on locally, and all there is to see here in our small town.

You can follow along to see some of our "stars" on Instagram at:

Or, on Facebook at: Envision Berwick

We look forward to welcoming back our talented photographer friend, Marie, to capture photos of the herd and our various events through the seasons here at the ranch.


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