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DR Country Club Member of the Month: February 2024

Beltane Farm

Beltane Farm is a riding facility specializing in dressage. Located in beautiful York, Maine, Beltane Farm offers mutually respectful training for horse and rider.


Laura Mitchell, a United States Dressage Federation graduate, has been teaching and training for over 40 years. When she was 10, her mother took her to see the Spanish Riding School perform at Madison Square Garden. That experience planted the seed which, 50 years later, is still growing. She brings a depth of experience with horses of all ages and levels, patience, and good humor to her teaching. She tries never to lose sight of the fact that riding should be fun! 

Focusing on dressage along with natural horsemanship, these approaches form the basis for all disciplines - they are to horse-training what ballet is to dance: the foundation.

Laura operates Beltane with passion and approaches each horse with empathy, offering lots of encouragement along the way. Her riders are always enthusiastic about their time at the Beltane barn. 


The result from confidence building in her training, is happy, willing horses who are strong, sound, and flexible in their bodies and brains. Many horses trained at Beltane Farm are competition sound into their 20’s. 


A Modified Collective

Beltane is unique in its ability to keep costs down and encourage investment into the horses at the farm. The farm operates as a modified collective, with boarders participating in the operation of the farm. This is a great concept for riders to learn the true measure of owning and caring for horses! We love how Laura shares her knowledge with her riders and creates an environment for all to take pride in! 


A staple at Beltane Farm, is Archie the Pig.  If we are making a delivery to Beltane, it is imperative we bring treats with us for Archie.  He'll give you a good grunt if you forget! He makes a fun barn mascot and we love visiting with him. 

We hope that Beltane's use of Poulin Grain continues to contribute to the health and success of their horses!  We also wish all of the Beltane riders luck in the coming year at their events and in their lessons!


Want to learn more about riding at Beltane? Reach out to Laura:

Get in Touch:


Laura Mitchell

USDF L Graduate with Distinction

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist


Phone: 207.475.5001


Say Hello on Facebook:



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