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Coming Soon... Coffee For Ranch Life

I have been asked repeatedly over the last 6 years since we started with livestock, how we keep up with it all - full time jobs, kids, animals, business plans, life, etc.

There is no secret that it's a lot of work - a lot of grinding, at all hours of the day (and night). We have a lot of lists, calendars, and organizational tools to keep us moving forward, and truly it comes down to drive - how much we want it. However, if there is one thing that does help us get through the day, it's a good steamy cup of rich, flavorful, freshly brewed coffee. You'll be hard pressed to see me without a cup in hand.

When we're asked how we get it done, it got us to thinkin'... we thought we'd take the opportunity to share with you a little of what helps us get through the day, so you can start your day the cowboy way!

We got in touch with the Coffee Goddesses over at local roastery, Carpe Diem Coffee, in North Berwick, Maine. They shared with us all about their beans and roasting process. These women know coffee and how to make dreams into reality. We'd frequented their blends at some of our local cafes and have always appreciated their quality and flavor.

We're working on getting our finishing touches together, but we look forward to offering you a cup of locally roasted goodness, that we hope starts your day with the inspiration to get stuff done and enjoy the journey.

We're also finally committing to something else we have been asked about repeatedly.... YouTube.

While we know we have plenty of laughable moments to share, we have held off for fear of being awkward for a long time (*nervous laughing... ha!*). Alas, the time has come and we are going to dive in with a regular segment called, "Cattle & Coffee". Here, you will find out updates about what's happenin' at the ranch as of late, recipes, and other specials - and you know, coffee with the cows.

To get a jump on things early (you know, like we do with our morning coffee), you can subscribe to our channel, here:

From the fireside, to a horseback ride, grab a cup, and cowboy up!


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