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Pork Shares

Pork Shares


Did you say bacon?

Who doesn't love a juicy smoked ham?  A slab of bacon with those farm fresh eggs?  A BBQ smothered pulled pork sandwich?  We sure love cooking up some delicious pork here at the ranch, and now we're ready to share it with you!


Reserve a share of farm-raised local pork! 


$150 deposit (per 1/2 share) is required to reserve. Remainder = $6.00/lb, hanging weight. The remainder will be due no later than the pick-up date (you will be invoiced for the remainder via e-mail) - cash or card accepted.





Disclaimer: Dirigo Ranch holds no liability for unexpected losses outside of our control, including Acts of God, that could cause damage to our pigs.

  • Dirigo Ranch Stamp of Approval

    The pigs are provided rations of Poulin Grain feed from Dirigo Ranch Feed & Seed, which supports the needed minerals and vitamins that pigs require. They will live happily in our barnyard, surrounded by Maine's woods, with many trees to root under for acorns and other woodland eats!

  • What's Included in the Cost?

    When your share is returned from the butcher, you will receive an equal half of each of the available cuts from the total.

    All meat will be pre-packaged and Maine State Inspected  OR USDA Inspected for sale. The state of Maine is in a cooperative with the USDA and follows the same guidelines for inspection, cleanlieness, and humane slaughter.

    The deposit for your share will be directly applied to the total invoice.  You will receive a second invoice with your remaining total due at pick up, via e-mail notification. 

    The cost is based on hanging weight (the weight of the pig/hog carcass after initial slaughter and processing).  Butcher fees are built into the cost. 

  • Bringing Home the Bacon

    When the shares are returned from the butcher facility, they must be obtained on the scheduled pick-up date at Dirigo Ranch Feed & Seed.  This date will be sent via e-mail notification in advance, with directions.  All meat will be frozen and boxed. 

    It is recommended that you bring a cooler (or multiple) if your drive is 2 hours or more away. 

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