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Photo Sessions on the Farm

...Hi - me here, with my Pretty Penny, excited to share with you these fall photos from the ranch with Haze Photography.

While these family photos are a lovely keepsake, and I cherish them sincerely, they were also a great marker for us - a sign of completion - and a way to commemorate a summer of hard work. The barn is finally pretty enough to take pictures with!

I styled our barn with traditional fall elements - pumpkins and burlap, leaves and plaid, you know the drill. Luckily, it didn't take much to make it shine with it's deep red siding and our pretty herd of critters.

For your viewing pleasure...

There's always a lotta smoochin' going on around here.... A lot of love amongst us all.

Noella of Haze Photography right here in Maine, is a published photographer who specializes in weddings, families, engagement, boudoir, and maternity - I'm pretty sure she could handle any photography setting - even those with horses, ducks, donkeys, goats, and the likes! She is fun to be around, and lights up the space. She has a lot of patience for children who may not be ready to sit through photos, and manages to capture beautiful images of every family in front of her lenses.

I am so glad we have these to capture the finished product that we worked so hard for all this past year. It will be so neat to look back on these as we continue to grow and progress, and see where we started, and just how far we've come.


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